Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organizing the Chaos

This week, I'm trying to get organized using the wonderful babysteps at FlyLady.net. Poor hubby has learned that when you live with a teacher, "Spring Cleaning" often doesn't happen in the spring at all - or at any other time of the year, except for summer. So I need to make it count! Once the new school year starts up, I will slowly envelop myself in chaos once more with every lesson plan I pull off the bookshelf, every stack of papers I bring home to grade, every school supply run I make to Target.

My theme this summer is "create something beautiful." I don't think beauty requires organization, and some of the most beautiful scenes my eyes have taken in have been chaotic messes. A rusty Studebaker scattered with leaves in the sunset. Children splashing wildly in a pool. An explosion of color on a blank canvas.

That being said, my home is definitely not a work of chaotic beauty, and before I can open myself up to really create, I need to neaten. If I can redeem the shame of the before with pride in the after, I will post before and after pictures here.

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