Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

If the world is going to end this year, I might as well make it the best year yet.

I resolve to...

…never put off what will take five minutes to do. This one i got from The Happiness Project, and it includes tasks such as hanging up my coat when I get home (rather than draping it over a chair) and rinsing a plate immediately after use so as to avoid having to scrape off stuck-on food later.

…run the dishwasher (or wash the dishes by hand) every night. In other words, I want to clear the crap from my sink every night. (Am I talking about dishes or am I talking about life? Hmmmm…)

…repaint my nails every Sunday night, or remove old polish and go naked. I'm sorry if this one sounds ridiculously shallow, but there is actually something deeper to this. When I paint my nails, I feel more put together, but at the same time, I typically wait until the polish is chipped to the point that there is more nail than polish showing on each finger before I take it off. It symbolizes my neglect of details.

…make two new friends. I'm not going to say that "Facebook friends don't count" in general, but for this, they don't. 

…blog. Too long I've put off this one in favor of finishing my book, giving some lame excuse that the book has drained me of all creative juices. But the book is ready and that was just a lame excuse, after all. This will also gel nicely with what I've already committed to doing in January, The January Mindful Writing Challenge: A River of Stones.

…use coupons. I'm not going to become an extreme couponer by any means, but I need to use them more.

…put eyedrops in more often. For those of you who do not know, I have cysteamine eye drops that I am supposed to put in my eyes every waking hour. I do not believe that these drops will actually prevent blindness (blindness in cystinosis generally comes as a result of retina damage, not cornea damage, and the drops are for the cornea whereas the retina receives cysteamine from the blood stream via the oral capsules I take), but they will ensure that I have little to no light sensitivity. I have been averaging about five drops per day. I'd like to double this.

…release Roller Skating with Rickets. It's never going to feel perfect or be perfect, but it is what it is and it is time. There have been so many hiccups along the way...but I'll save that for another blog post.

…switch to a natural deodorant.

…use up what I have before buying more. (Obviously, I'm not talking about things like toilet paper here. I'm referring more to the five half-empty bottles of face cleanser that I have on the bathroom counter.)

…pick up a book, not the iPad. (Unless the book is on the iPad. That's okay.) Log all my reading on Goodreads and sync with the blog.

…quit living in regret.

…drink water.

…love a layer deeper.

…avoid animal products on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I feel much better when I eat vegan, but after experimenting with it off and on for the past month, I've realized that it's not a lifestyle that I can maintain 24/7 in a healthy way. And if I were truly doing it for ethical reasons, I'd have to give up eating most non-vegan products, too, because our food - animal, vegetable, or mineral - is, in general, NOT produced ethically.